#BringBackOurEducation with EEE-Z!

In September 2014, our CEO: Dave | David K Egyir launched the #BringBackOurEducation with EEE-Z! Campaign. The objective is simple: To canvas support to train especially the children and youth of Ghana and Africa to acquire and apply Zing4Life! principles to unearth/harness their true/hidden potential and thus prepare them to face their academics, and life in general, with extreme confidence and poise, and excel beyond the ordinary, and thus positively affect the development of Ghana and Africa tangibly and exceptionally. This is part of the broader Zing4Afria! Programme we are running; you may click here for more about Zing4Africa!



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This initiative is under the theme: ā€˜Make your life and school work exceptional and easy!ā€™


The Issue:

The difficulties/challenges a lot of people go through with their academics are needless, and unfortunate. A case in point is the 2013/2014 WASSCE results released by the West African Examination Council (WAEC) which showed that more than seventy percent (70%) of the candidates who wrote the exams failed to get the required grades to enable them get admissions into tertiary institutions. And what officialdom seems to think is the cause, is really not the real cause! (Click here to see the real cause.) We can also cite the case of two hundred and fifty (250) students of the Labone Senior High School (SHS) in Accra-Ghana who were sacked for their abysmal performance in the end-of-year examination in July, 2014. 250 students from only one school! This is really sad!!! And indeed, it is just a tip of the iceberg; making the headlines only because the students got sacked. So what is the fate of these ones, and their counterparts in the more underprivileged and deprived schools elsewhere (especially the rural areas), though they may not be sacked to make the headlines? And why should anyone care? Well, they pose a serious risk to the development of the country/continent and you should surely be concerned.



Book4Currently, our CEO is mobilising to donate copies of the ‘BRAINY ACTS FOR LEARNERS‘ handbook/manual to some selected schools and other organisations in Ghana (and Africa); including PerscoLogoPlus St. Peter’s SHS, LaboneSHSLogoPlus Labone SHS, MiniYouHand Your Alma Mater, etc. You may click here for details.

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