Running Costs / Recurring Expenditures

  1. Office Consumables
  2. Personnel / Staff Remuneration
  3. Promotion Costs
  4. Statutory / Regulatory Payments
  5. Office Accommodation


Main Training Costs

For our Main Training, it costs US$1,411* (or the local currency equivalent) over a period of 1 year, to train 1 person. The breakdown per module is as follows…

Module Cost Per Head Estimated Training Duration
Module 1 :: Foundational Life Coaching US$101 16 hours; spread over a period not exceeding 1 month
Module 2 :: Extreme Educational Excellence with Zing4Life! (EEE-Z!) US$428 64 hours; spread over a period not exceeding 4 months
Module 3 :: Life Management with Zing4Life! US$563 84 hours; spread over a period not exceeding 5 months
Module 4 :: Entrepreneurship with Zing4Life! US$319 48 hours; spread over a period not exceeding 3 months
Cost per head covers the following…

  • Complete Set of Manuals / Handbooks and Subscriptions,
  • Fractional stipend / honorarium for Facilitators,
  • Fractional cost of Logistics, etc.

Potential Additional Costs…

  • Transportation to / from training venues, if outside the office.
  • Lodging at venues outside Accra / Tema.

This matrix serves as the basis for various Project Budget Summaries.


Sadly, the cost of the training is generally beyond what a whopping majority of the prospective trainees / participants can afford; especially, in the face of competing needs / interests; notwithstanding, the training has to be done so as to save the society / country / continent. We therefore have to mobilise a chunk of the funds to do this public good, and thus we need your support; especially your continual support.

We cherish your decision to support us!
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Key Objective…

Our current lead objective / goal is to train 8.25m resident Ghanaians within 10 years (beside other nationals, and those to be trained elsewhere over different periods) to acquire and apply Zing4Life! principles to unearth / harness their true / hidden potential and thus positively affect Ghana, Africa, and the world tangibly and exceptionally! This is the least critical mass that will bring about the required national impact. This requires a lot of support, especially your support. You may click here for more about this cause.

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Auxiliary-Training Costs

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