The visual and conceptual elements that identify Seers…

Seers by general use means persons who are able to say what will happen in the future, and it is adapted for the name of The Foundation to imply: ‘A research, training and support outfit for persons who ‘see’ a wonderful future for themselves, and are committed to taking the right steps to achieve that strong vision with certainty and the required effort; based on Zing4Life! – Top secret of the world’s truly great achievers.

The logo MiniLogois an abstract representation of an eagle in flight; with emphasis on the eyes and wings to respectively highlight the strong vision of The Foundation, and the inherent strength and agility that ensures the accomplishment of the vision. This abstraction comes out as a ‘check’ mark or ‘correct’ sign / symbol to represent the ‘correctness’ (i.e. appropriateness) or the great potency of the solutions Seers Foundation offer to achieve the founding objectives.

The blue colour represents how high we aim; towards the skies and beyond, mindful that the sky is not the limit! The black body (this changes to white; on dark backgrounds) represents humanity in general.

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Other essential aspects of Seers Foundation…

Mission Statement | What Seers Foundation has been founded to do
Vision Statement | What the ultimate outlook of Seers Foundation is
Founding | When Seers Foundation was founded, the genesis, and the persons involved
Operations | The activities Seers Foundation has been engaging in
Unique Value | How unique and valuable Seers Foundation is
Critical Dialogue | The key question people ask, the implications, and some key references