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As you may already be aware, we call you ‘Seer’ because you come across as a person who ‘sees’ a wonderful future for yourself, and you are committed to taking steps to achieve that strong vision.

We of Seers Foundation are also committed to helping you to achieve that with certainty and the required effort; usually based on Zing4Life! – Top secret of the world’s truly great achievers.’ Seers are seen as a global community, and the focus is ‘Training & Networking’ | …living the zLife!

1. We train you to discover and use your true/hidden potential and get you to achieve so much more in every aspect of life!

2. We guide you to work on your mega goals/aspirations to perfection!

3. We support you with Advice, Funds, and Logistics. And as you permit us, we (and our partners) give you a great employment with great earnings!



Further to being part of the global community of Seers, you may associate yourself with a community-based or orgnisational-based Seers Group registered and certified by the parent body: Seers Foundation; you may click here for more about Seers Foundation.

We have two streams: Seers Clubs‘ at the Primary and Secondary School levels, and ‘Seers Partners, Leaders, and Innovators Network – SPLIN‘ from the Tertiary level through to Old Age. These community-based or organisational-based Seers Groups meet from time to time to go through The Foundation’s training and Brainstorming activities. Each community-based or orgnisational-based Seers Group schedules her meeting differently/appropriately to suit her members/participants.


For some serious findings related to you as an individual, you may click here.
For some serious findings related to you as a business/organisation, you may click here.



Joining in Seers Group activities/meetings is FREE! However, one may have to acquire the applicable training manual(s), and/or subscribe to MyZing4Life! Interactive Online in order to enjoy privileged benefits such as Access to Online Training Facilitator, Zing4Life! Certification, etc. We provide sponsorship (when available) for Seers Clubs; to benefit underprivileged individuals.


For a list of the available community or organisational-based Seers Clubs/Groups, and/or to join one, or to create one, you may click here.


Let’s get interactive on the Seers Community Platforms…

A. Seers Social Network

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B. MyZing4Life! Interactive Portal

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Note: MyZing4Life! Account registration is the fundamental requirement for you to become a recognised member of Seers Club; it’s Free!


C. Seers Facebook Page

Get interactive on Seers Interactive Facebook Page; our affiliate online magazine platform. Get practical tips and leads on how others are applying Zing4Life! to better their lives, and also get the opportunity to share yours too. The ‘Seers Interactive’ facebook page is about #FUN, and #PRODUCTIVITY.

Yes, on the ‘Seers Interactive’ page, you get/share useful fun, and posts that help each of us to be more PRODUCTIVE. The page could readily become your favourite Facebook Page! Click the ‘Like’ button, and get to receive Facebook notifications when new and/or exciting updates are posted!

You may click here or click ‘Seers’ above to visit the Facebook Page; do well to ‘Share’ the page with your Facebook friends!



The Seers Slogan

Seers (Seers Club members) use the slogan or catch-phrase, ‘…living the zLife!‘ [ Pronounced: ‘zee-lah-yf’ ] When one Seer calls out, Seer! the other(s) thus respond(s): ‘…living the zLife!’

Living the zLife is about the set of actions and inactions that are geared towards getting to become Exceptionally Brilliant, Exceptionally Creative, Exceptionally Productive/Wealthy, Exceptionally Healthy, Exceptionally Free, and so much more! Once a person decides to become a Seer, he begins to live the zLife; it then becomes a matter of the level to which he/she would be living the zLife. He/she could be living it say 1 percent, 10 percent, 60 percent or say 99.9 percent; that depends on the commitment of the person.


The Seers Souvenirs

Seers are required to (and usually do) carry with them symbols of commitment. Currently there are two kinds of souvenirs; one is a really cool handband that comes in five exciting colours, and the other is a gorgeous badge/brooche. They serve as symbols of commitment.




These symbols of commitment reminds the Seer (and also notify others) that he/she (the bearer/wearer) has taken a definite step to work to improve one’s life through Zing4Life! Thus, it boldly says SEER! …living the zLife!

They are usually given out to registrands for FREE! Terms and conditions apply though.


The Seers Creed

I am a seer; I truly have Vision! I am not a victim of the greatest tragedy in life. I am with God, and God is with me, so all things are possible for me. I am exceptionally Brilliant, exceptionally Creative/Innovative, exceptionally Productive/Wealthy, exceptionally Healthy, exceptionally Free/Happy, and so much more; I am living the zLife! I am making the world far better through creative thinking and persistent action. I am not playing small, for that will not serve the world.
Seer! …living the zLife!


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