The activities Seers Foundation has been engaging in…


To achieve the founding objectives as captured in our mission and vision statements, we engage in the following key activities/processes…

i. We research into effective human resource development principles, techniques and strategies applicable to the total development of humanity, especially the youth. We ‘crowd-source’ inputs to enrich our research and development through Regular Meetings and Conferences

ii. We use exceptionally effective principles, techniques and strategies to train people, especially the youth, to master the practical generic skills (principles, techniques and strategies) that are required for moving up fast in education, business, career, and life as a whole; as we help them to unearth their true/hidden potential.*This is achieved through our Main Training programme, and the Sub Training programmes. These training programmes are very practical and very interactive; we use the audience participatory approach. The main training platforms/avenues are: a. MyZing4Life! Interactive – Online, and b. Seers Club. These go with accompanying/supporting manuals/handbooks, and periodic Seminars and Workshops (Seers Empowerment Summit).

iii. We support people (especially the marginalised) with guidance, counselling, and micro-finance; under our Support Schemes.*


We work in partnership with Schools, Companies, Churches, Families/Households, Community Groups, etc., and we strongly believe that you and/or your people (family members, friends, team, staff/workers, students/pupils, congregation, countrymen, etc.) will benefit so much from our training; just get in touch with us! You may click here to contact us; or you may send a mail to: admin@seersfoundation.org, or call: +233.26.637.7777

*Terms & Conditions apply