Seers Partners, Leaders and Innovators Network


“If you believe you can do a thing, or if you believe
you cannot, in either case you are probably right.”

Thomas Edison
[Renowned Inventor/Entrepreneur]


Aims & Objectives:

1. To discuss and refine ideas, techniques and strategies and eventually offer innovative, effective and less costly solutions to the problems of Africa, and thus help to accelerate the development of Africa tangibly, and in a sustainable way.

You may click here for some of the key ideas and solutions already under implementation…
Among other things, we will be issuing communiques in the form of press releases.

2. To network/interact to expose each others business(es)/occupation(s)/vocation(s) for possible business engagements and enhancements.
*Organisations may be represented by the Leader and/or other representatives.

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Who can join:

*As long as you are interested in contributing tangibly towards the development of Ghana and Africa, and also building yourself up even further.

Seers Partners:
Individuals and Organisations* that have made various types and sums of donations to support Seers Foundation over the years. You may click here for the recent list…
*Organisations may be represented by the Leader and/or other representatives.

Anyone in a position of authority/influence, such as: Teachers, Parents/Guardians, Pastors, Imams, Media Persons, Policy Makers, Directors/CEO’s, Etc.

Individuals who are positively challenging the ‘status quo’ in various areas/disciplines and are either doing things differently from the norm, or are seeking to do things differently from the norm; with the objective to bring about tangible improvement in the way things are done, so as to better the lot of society/humanity.


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We are brainstorming to solve problems such as these, and more! You may click here for some of the key ideas and solutions already under implementation…


“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right.”
Henry Ford
[Renowned Innovator/Entrepreneur]



“All that a man achieves and all that he fails to achieve
are the direct result of his own thought.”

James Allen
[Renowned Philosopher]


Regular Gatherings/Rendezvous:


Online Discussion Forum

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Chapter Meetings


Annual Conferences

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Special exhortation to innovators…

Under the inspirational leadership of Steve Jobs of Apple, Inc. fame.

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