Training Costs

Zing4Africa! Programme – Phase 1 (Ghana) Training Cost

Key objective: To train 8.25m Ghanaians within 10 years (besides those to be trained elsewhere) to acquire and apply Zing4Life! principles to unearth/harness their true/hidden potential and thus positively affect Ghana and Africa tangibly and exceptionally. (You may click here for more details.) The full budget is further below; you may click here or scroll down.

General Training Costs

Module# Title Components/Manuals Cost Per Head Estimated Training Duration
ST01 Extreme Educational Excellence with Zing4Life! (EEE-Z!) a. Introduction
b. How to get more
c. Zing4Life! Part 1
d. Zing4Life! Part 2
e. Zing4Life! Part 3
f.  Zing4Life! Part 4
US$78 | £60 | GHC310 64 hours; spread over 4 months
ST02 Life Management with Zing4Life! a. Zing4Life! Part 5
b. Zing4Life! Part 6
c. Zing4Life! Part 7
d. Zing4Life! Part 8
e. Zing4Life! Part 9
f.  Zing4Life! Part 10
g. Zing4Life! Part 11
h. Zing4Life! Part 12
US$110 | £85 | GHC437 84 hours; spread over 5 months
ST03 Entrepreneurship with Zing4Life! a. Zing4Life! Part 13 US$62 | £48 | GHC246 48 hours; spread over 3 months
ST-Z4L Living the zLife! Zing4Life! Parts 1 – 13 US$250 | £193 | GHC993 196 hours; spread over 12 months
Cost per head covers the following…

  • Complete Set of Manuals/Handbooks (One manual for each component/part),
  • Fractional stipend/honorarium for Facilitators,
  • Fractional cost of Logistics, etc.

Potential Additional Costs…

  • Transportation to/from venues outside Accra/Tema.
  • Lodging at venues outside Accra/Tema.

This matrix has served as the basis for various Project(s) Budget Summary.

Project Budget

The total budget estimate for the 10 years targeted duration to train 8.25m people is: US$ 2,062,500 (US$ 2.1m)

The target of 8.25 million* Ghanaians – besides those to be trained elswhere – is the least critical mass that will bring about the required national impact. We begun with pupils of the Sakumono Junior High School Complex, effective 17 October 2014. Specifically, we are running the ‘Extreme Educational Excellence with Zing4Life! (EEE-Z!)’ module/initiative, for now.

Sadly, the cost of the training is generally beyond what a whopping majority of the trainees/participants can afford; especially, in the face of competing needs/interests; notwithstanding, the training has to be done so as to save the society/country/continent.

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